CO2 Fog Effects!  Watch the video below to see what options you have...

This is a humidity-based effect, may not work well in desert climates

Pricing and Shipping.....
The High Volume CO2 Jets come in a pair for $400 plus $25 shipping.
The Trigger Operated CO2 Jets come in a pair for $725 plus $30 shipping

A little instructional video showing the operation of our CO2 Jets...
It's an old video.  Please don't laugh!!

DeadBall Entertainment has some of the easiest, most effective ways to use CO2 Fog for your team's entrance to the field!  CO2 Fog is an industry standard for sporting events, and has become an effective effect in the live performance venue.  CO2 Fog is being used by many different stage performances because it is dazzleing, but effective!

We have 2 different versions of CO2 fog for football, the simple High Volume CO2 Jets...where all you have to do is hook them up and turn on the valve, to the trigger operated CO2 jets that are conrolled at the handle.

A couple of precautions - CO2 Fog is extremely cold when it leaves the unit (approx -70 degrees).  DeadBall Entertainment suggests that the user wears gloves to avoid extremely cold metal parts of the Jets and wear some type of eye protection.  Do not shoot the CO2 Fog at the face/head area of the team as they enter the field.

CO2 Fog is a humidity based effect.  DeadBall Entertainment cannot control the weather in your area...we need you to understand that!  The more humidity in your area, the better the effect will work.  If you get a dry spell, it will still work but will be less thick.  Because of the fluctuations in humidity and the fact that we can't control that, all CO2 Fog effects are non-refundable and all sales final.