T-shirt Guns
What an AWESOME way to shoot stuff to your fans!  Cheer Leaders can only throw so far... (otherwise, they would be the Quarterback!)
Why not use the industry standard for shooting t-shirts to your fans?
I recommend the Micro-Mini.  Starts at $699 plus shipping.

Although our cannons shoot 300 feet+, TSHIRTGUN still has the lightest weight and most air-efficient models on the market.
T-SHIRT GUN has been manufacturing pneumatic air cannons since 1991, and we're proud to state that all parts and assembly are still made in the USA.
Each air cannon launcher we sell comes fully assembled in a road case for travel and storage and includes one 20-ounce CO2 tank and an owner's manual. Each cannon also comes standard with 2 vinyl logos at no additional charge, and custom graphics and designs are available for an additional charge.

T-Shirts Cannons by T-Shirt Gun!!

 T-SHIRT GUN's air cannon launchers are made of machined, hard anodized aluminum. Our launchers are never powder coated or painted as others, nor do we use any PVC or plastic parts. All anodized components means no rust, no corrosion, and tough for those abusive environments.
The clear tube is a 3" custom-formed lexan that can withstand pressure, provides a straight shot "tunnel" for your promotional items, and provides an important safety feature of seeing what’s loaded in the barrel before launching.
Our air cannon launchers are offered standard in black, blue, red, gold, and silver, although other custom colors are available upon request.